A Dash of Daring

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Sturia’s prestige caviar.


STURIA CAVIAR goes bold with its U.S. launch of the Haute Couture brand

In the tech world they ‘re called disruptors —Individuals who develop unique methods and products in an already recognized and established market. Disruptors are innovators, free-thinkers, ready to challenge the existing norms. In caviar production, France’s Sturia is a bona fide disruptor. Founded in 1995 in the Gironde, Nouvelle-Aquitaine region of southwest France, Sturia has grown to be the world’s third largest caviar producer, shipping over 13 tons of roe annually. From their inception the Sturia team have been innovators and in the 22 years of the company’s existence, they have perfected sustainable production practices while maintaining the highest quality standards. Their operation consists of the largest fish hatchery in Europe and six natural ponds where Sturia reintroduced and now raises European sturgeon in a hygienic habitat where the fish are nourished on a diet of granules, plants, minerals, and vitamins. Another leading-edge practice implemented by Sturia is the use of ultrasound for sorting sturgeons. This ground breaking technique is now standard practice in fisheries around the world. Sturia pushes the industry boundaries yet again with the introduction of its new Haute Couture collection in the United States. Inside and out this latest addition to the Sturia portfolio is unique. The distinctive harlequinesque pattern was selected by Sturia founder Claudia Boucher, who wanted to break from convention and offer the world the Haute Couture caviar in a package as eye-catching and extraordinary as the roe inside is delicate and delicious.

Excellent caviar turns brunch into a sophisticated, elegant affair.


The grains contained in the Haute Couture collection are meticulously selected then sorted according to precise size, color, and firmness standards. This ensures that every ounce is of the greatest consistency and of superlative quality. Best enjoyed with Champagne and served with the classic accompaniments, a serving of Sturia Haute Couture collection caviar elevates any evening to the level of the sublime.

STURIA CAVIAR is now available in the U.S. at WWW.STURIA.COM. If you’re in NEW YORK CITY you’ll find Sturia Caviar at the French food hall LE DISTRICT in lower Manhattan and L’APPART and BAGATELLE restaurants.

Sturia is also available through these fine retailers around the world: HARROD’S London MANOR Switzerland (33 shops as of the end of 2016) L’EPICERIE DU BON MARCHÉ Paris, France LAFAYETTE GOURMET Nice, France ISETAN IN SHINJUKU Japan SOGO Hong Kong caviar HAUTE COUTURE

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Sturia caviar in mother-of-pearl spoons.


While you’re shopping be sure to try all the labels in the Sturia Haute Couture line. We recommend their premium Caviar Sturia Oscietra Grand Cru, a subtle, exquisite example of caviar selection. Or, the Caviar Sturia Grand Chef, a balanced, creamy roe that is a perfect accompaniment for gourmet dishes. Another favorite is Caviar Sturia Prestige. Considered the most unique selection of their entire production, grains exceed 3mm, possess a gorgeously balanced salinity along with a delightfully firm texture.

Other labels in the Sturia portfolio to be on the look out for include: Caviar Sturia Classic, Jasmin, You & Me, Caviar Sturia Primeur, Caviar Sturia Vintage, Caviar Sturia Origin, and Caviar Sturia Oscietra.

Sturia Selection Tins open

The darling caviar of choice among rising and top chefs and connoisseurs alike.