About Our Readers

new-years-businessCaviar Affair’s readers are the world’s most rarified luxury consumers, with an average net worth of $4,248,000.

Our readers travel often and well and have a deep love of exceptional food & wine and one-of-a-kind experiences. They use their discretionary income to pursue comforts and indulgences including first-class plane tickets, fine jewelry, timepieces and rare spirits. They are passionate investors in art and real estate and generous to philanthropies.

Caviar Affair’s readers take  international trips each year, own multiple homes, and  cellar fine wines  They  are chartering yachts and planes and  purchase bespoke clothing.

Our readers  diverse taste has expanded beyond classic luxuries to include the adventurous, unconventional and playful.

What our readers share is a deep appreciation for luxuries and Caviar Affair is where they go to discover them.