On The Rocks

Exquisite caviar deserves a gorgeous presentoir.

The elegantly royal ritual of serving caviar has been around since the Middle Ages. Knowing how to serve caviar allows you to preserve the delicate flavors of the sea, and your savviness will impress guests at your next affair.
The most stylish way to serve exquisite caviar is in a beautiful caviar presentoir. This luxurious, opulent ritual sets the tone for a magical experience. Make sure Frances Stoia’s mother-of-pearl or horn spoons are nearby.

Serve your caviar with fine, chilled Beluga Noble vodka from Russia. When the moment calls for the best, reach for this triple-distilled gem that includes honey, oat and milk thistle extract for an exceptionally smooth accouterment.

And, of course, your caviar of choice? California Caviar Company’s farmed Osetra (californiacaviar.com).

Here are Caviar Affair’s picks of gorgeous presentoirs and tips on how to serve:

* 1 hour prior to serving the caviar, chill your appetizer plates in the refrigerator.
* 15 minutes prior to serving, remove the caviar from the refrigerator and let the container sit to adjust to room temperature.
* Gather delicate blinis, cucumbers, or even potato chips, and a bowl of crème fraîche on an elegant serving platter.
* Fill your caviar presentoir with crushed ice.
* Open the caviar tin and nestle it in the middle of the crushed ice for an even chill.
* Place a mother-of-pearl spoon (never metal, as it taints the roes flavor) in the caviar for guests to serve themselves.
* Place the chilled appetizer plates near the service and pour the Beluga vodka.
* Allow guests to serve themselves. Enjoy.