Picture Perfect

By: Peter Sukonik

Putting the new Canon EOS 1D-X Mark II through its paces. The ideal camera for photo enthusiasts and professionals.





Humanity’s first drawings on cave walls served two main purposes. The first was an attempt to record, as accurately as the technology of the age allowed, reality. The second was to record a memory.

With the first pinhole camera, (Camera Obscura), created by the Arab physicist, Ibn al-Haytham who discovered that when light passed through a small opening (aperture) it would project a mirror image, we’ve been diligently perfecting the ways we record reality. Not long after, came the creation of heliographs, daguerreotypes, calotypes, film, and now, digital photography technology.

While we’ve made great advances in how we capture images, the intrinsic drive remains the same: we want to capture the moment, the feeling, the memory of a profound instance as we lived it. Be it the first images of our newborn children or the brilliant sunset snapped while on a trip of a lifetime.

There are many different brands of digital cameras capable of recording the events of our lives, but I have always relied on Canon cameras. I have traveled the globe with my Canon because of its reliability, excellent performance, and because it delivers the incredible image quality required for this magazine.

Recently, the good people at Canon presented me with the opportunity to test out their recently released, professional sport camera: the Canon 20.2 megapixel, full frame, EOS 1D X Mark II





I put the EOS 1D X Mark II through its paces in Newport, Rhode Island where I shot from aboard the Gunsett during the summer’s regatta. Such an experience, in such an exquisite yet frenetic setting, was clearly an event that demanded a camera of the highest technical caliber to record a kaleidoscope of vibrant hues, with enough sensitivity to do so in the ever-shifting light of day. I was especially excited to test this camera since it is the same one the world’s top sports photographers used at 2016 Olympic games in Brazil; where performance is as essential as quiet operation so as to not to disturb an athlete’s concentration.


Sailing at Narragansett Bay, Newport Road Island

Sailing at Narragansett Bay, Newport Rhode Island – Photo credit by Peter Sukonik


Sunset shot of the lighthouse at Narragansett Bay, Newport Rhode Island

Sunset shot of the lighthouse at Narragansett Bay, Newport Rhode Island – Photo credit by Peter Sukonik


There is no camera better suited to handle the full gamut of action to still photography than the EOS 1D X Mark II. This technologically advanced titan comes with the technologies that make every step of image capture intuitive, fast and flawless. Among its many features is a new mirror mechanism designed for precise operation with virtually no vibration, even at blazing fast speeds. The shutter unit is rated for 400,000 frames and captures at up to 16 fps.

A tough magnesium alloy and dust/weather resistant body with built in grip means the EOS 1D X Mark II can take the knocks and jolts, while the iTR (Intelligent Tracking and Recognition) AF system consistently kept focus on my moving subjects. It’s equally as suited for still photography, too, due to its leading-edge 360,000-pixel RGB+IR metering sensor and processor. Such sensitivity makes for optimal performance for both stills and video.


Yacht races Narragansett Bay, Newport Road Island

Yacht races Narragansett Bay, Newport Rhode Island – Photo credit by Peter Sukonik


For many professional photographers and photo enthusiasts, having the right camera and lenses is a necessity. That’s why I tested out Canon’s EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM knowing there would be no sacrificing detail, color or vibrancy.

Canon recently updated this lens to meet the needs of digital image quality without sacrificing its superb optics, durability or its professional grade performance. As a standard focal length zoom lens, it possesses a large aperture no matter the focal length and utilizes 1 Super UD lens element and 2 UD lens elements, which meant that my wide-angle shots were crisp, clear, and of uniform color.

All the cameras of the EOS series take the kinds of great photos you’ll want to share socially or even printed, framed and hung on your wall. You can always count on the quality, which is exactly what makes Canon cameras and lenses great. I will continue to rely on my Canon camera and lenses, knowing they are more than be able to perfectly record an image. and just as vitally, they can flawlessly capture a memory with all the vibrancy and meaning it conveys. With the EOS 1D X Mark II that’s something no one will ever miss.


The sunset over the bridge at Narragansett Bay, Newport Road Island

The sunset over the bridge at Narragansett Bay, Newport Rhode Island – Photo credit by Peter Sukonik