Spa: Sensitive Side

A Boutique in Silicon Valley Combines European Services with Personalized Attention

By Kim Martin
Photography by Peter Sukonik

Having sensitive skin can be a challenge when you move to a new city. While I had  perfected my at-home beauty routine and was achieving consistently glowing results

using the organic Pevonia line (renown for their plant-based formulas ideal for delicate skin and treating Rosacea), finding a new aesthetician “sensitive” to my sensitive skin in  my new city was a longer search than I anticipated.

My Bay Area beauty quest eventually led me to Bianca de Jong via several  recommendations telling me to seek out her Forest Spa Boutique. Bianca, who owned  a spa in The Netherlands for 10 years, brings over 17 years beauty experience to the  women (and men) of the Bay Area (and to look at her youthful clear skin in photos and  in person, you would be hard not to say to yourself or anyone within ear-reach “I’ll have  what she’s having!”).

The warm and inviting spa, with its stone floors, impressive arched windows and  custom woodwork, offers exotic and alluring treatments such as a papaya-pineapple  facials and back-to-bum scrubs using phyto extracts. But, what I needed according  to Bianca after my complimentary skin consultation was a facial suited to my overly
sensitive skin.

For my initial visit to her spa, I was treated to their RS2 Rosacea Facial –perfect to  address issues of skin congestion and blotchiness. The spa’s preferred product line is  also Pevonia, which is free of paraben, lanolin, mineral oil, and artificial colors to deliver  health to all skin types. For me, Bianca used their extra gentle Ligne Rose products to  achieve best results since this line was formulated for the treatment of Rosacea and  uses French Rose essential oil, green tea and chamomile to treat and soothe more  sensitive skins.

I left my day with Bianca glowing and hydrated (and extra relaxed thanks to her  wonderful professional shoulder massage). As I exited the spa, I made a mental note  to revisit monthly for my new favorite facial and to indulge in their full menu of deluxe  body treatments and waxing services so many in the Bay Area are so effusive about.

[Last note to self: Next visit ask Bianca what the “Italian” is – the wax many of her fans  are switching to from the “Brazilian.”]

Forest Spa Boutique
530 Ramona Street; Palo Alto, CA 94301
Tel: (408-759-0576