Sound Advice

Take a journey with the world’s best headphones.

Sennheiser took the world by storm once in 1990 with the release of the
worlds best headphones. A quarter-century later they have outdone
themselves with the announcement of the most luxurious headphones in history. Introducing the Porsche of headphones, where luxury meets performance and exceeds expectations, the Orpheus.

As the Greek mythological Orpheus would charm all living things with his magnificent music, the Orpheus headphones will undoubtedly seduce all that put them on.

Orpheus is a masterpiece of gold, aluminum, handmade leather, and more encased in the same Carrara marble used by Michelangelo for his Renaissance sculptures. With a frequency response of more than 5 times what humans can hear, the Orpheus delivers the most comfortable and euphoric listening experience in history. Orpheus commands presence in any room as a centerpiece of the highest echelon.

These perfectly engineered headphones transform the meaning of music from something you listen to, into something you live in. The entire experience of Orpheus takes you on a journey of complete bliss.

From the second Orpheus touches your ears the outside world disappears. As you close your eyes you are no longer in a Manhattan Penthouse or Tahoe vacation home, you’re anywhere you want to be, with your favorite artists standing before you, playing their hearts out to an audience of one.

“When I record my own music, I always try to convey my emotions. I don’t know how exactly, but these headphones really do succeed in getting those emotions across.” Gregory Porter, jazz musician.

As you walk back into your Malibu estate for the first time after an
extended business trip, there is a demand for the perfect combination of celebration and relaxation. Grab a glass, some ice, and pour a glass of Balvenie Single Malt Scotch, then walk into the lounge and sit before the Orpheus. Take a sip of whisky and put the glass down as the glass casing opens revealing the headphones. Now the opportunities are endless. Without leaving the comfort of the chair, you are taken to your own private symphony, are front row in a Bruce Springsteen concert, or even travel through time to see the Beatles play right before you. No matter your fancy, the Orpheus will take you there in a way never before possible.

This is your journey, you are in complete control and you can go anywhere you can imagine, and Orpheus is the ship.